We are leader in the area of masterbatches



The differentiation and diversification
in their formulas

Since its founding, the Rifracor has been assumed as a technology leader in the area of ​​Masterbatches..

Our expertise covers the production of Masterbatches, by predefined colors, or the process of developing a new color based on a RAL or PANTONE.

Differentiation and diversification of our colors, allows the use of them in various processing technologies, such as in the case of injection, extrusion and inflation.

Our Mastebatches, are based on our technology and experience, so it can be used in all the range of thermoplastics.

We can point out as example the large consumption ones such as FMCG (PP, PE, PS, …), engineering ones (POM, ABS, PBT, PC,PA,…) and even in the same blend (PC / ABS, etc.).



Innovative product

It is a innovative product.

Rifanitecis a technical polymer that can be used in LPDE or PP, that depending on the increase in temperatures, the piece gets bigger or smaller particles..

You can make a wide variety of colors in one piece using conventional injection machines.


RifracorBIO PLA product

Produced according to the European standard EN 13432, for compostable and biodegradable materials.

The RifracorBio range, based on PLA, was created to meet the needs of markets that produce plastic items and, like us, are aware of its elimination. Products made with the RifracorBio have an objective quality: compostability, which means that they can be disposed of as organic waste and therefore ensure less environmental impact. Each product produced from these masterbatches can be disposed of safely in household waste bags or used in the production of waste bags for the collection of organic waste.

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